OpenPose  1.7.0
The first real-time multi-person system to jointly detect human body, hand, facial, and foot keypoints
op::HandCpuRenderer Class Reference

#include <handCpuRenderer.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for op::HandCpuRenderer:
op::Renderer op::HandRenderer

Public Member Functions

 HandCpuRenderer (const float renderThreshold, const float alphaKeypoint=HAND_DEFAULT_ALPHA_KEYPOINT, const float alphaHeatMap=HAND_DEFAULT_ALPHA_HEAT_MAP)
virtual ~HandCpuRenderer ()
void renderHandInherited (Array< float > &outputData, const std::array< Array< float >, 2 > &handKeypoints)
 DELETE_COPY (HandCpuRenderer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from op::Renderer
 Renderer (const float renderThreshold, const float alphaKeypoint, const float alphaHeatMap, const bool blendOriginalFrame=true, const unsigned int elementToRender=0u, const unsigned int numberElementsToRender=0u)
virtual ~Renderer ()
void increaseElementToRender (const int increment)
void setElementToRender (const int elementToRender)
void setElementToRender (const ElementToRender elementToRender)
bool getBlendOriginalFrame () const
void setBlendOriginalFrame (const bool blendOriginalFrame)
float getAlphaKeypoint () const
void setAlphaKeypoint (const float alphaKeypoint)
float getAlphaHeatMap () const
void setAlphaHeatMap (const float alphaHeatMap)
bool getShowGooglyEyes () const
void setShowGooglyEyes (const bool showGooglyEyes)
- Public Member Functions inherited from op::HandRenderer
virtual ~HandRenderer ()
virtual void initializationOnThread ()
void renderHand (Array< float > &outputData, const std::array< Array< float >, 2 > &handKeypoints, const float scaleInputToOutput)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from op::Renderer
const float mRenderThreshold
std::atomic< bool > mBlendOriginalFrame
std::shared_ptr< std::atomic< unsigned int > > spElementToRender
std::shared_ptr< const unsigned int > spNumberElementsToRender
std::atomic< bool > mShowGooglyEyes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file handCpuRenderer.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HandCpuRenderer()

op::HandCpuRenderer::HandCpuRenderer ( const float  renderThreshold,
const float  alphaKeypoint = HAND_DEFAULT_ALPHA_KEYPOINT,
const float  alphaHeatMap = HAND_DEFAULT_ALPHA_HEAT_MAP 

◆ ~HandCpuRenderer()

virtual op::HandCpuRenderer::~HandCpuRenderer ( )

Member Function Documentation


op::HandCpuRenderer::DELETE_COPY ( HandCpuRenderer  )

◆ renderHandInherited()

void op::HandCpuRenderer::renderHandInherited ( Array< float > &  outputData,
const std::array< Array< float >, 2 > &  handKeypoints 

Implements op::HandRenderer.

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