OpenPose  1.7.0
The first real-time multi-person system to jointly detect human body, hand, facial, and foot keypoints
op::WrapperStructOutput Struct Reference

#include <wrapperStructOutput.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 WrapperStructOutput (const double verbose=-1, const String &writeKeypoint="", const DataFormat writeKeypointFormat=DataFormat::Xml, const String &writeJson="", const String &writeCocoJson="", const int writeCocoJsonVariants=1, const int writeCocoJsonVariant=1, const String &writeImages="", const String &writeImagesFormat="png", const String &writeVideo="", const double writeVideoFps=-1., const bool writeVideoWithAudio=false, const String &writeHeatMaps="", const String &writeHeatMapsFormat="png", const String &writeVideo3D="", const String &writeVideoAdam="", const String &writeBvh="", const String &udpHost="", const String &udpPort="8051")

Public Attributes

double verbose
String writeKeypoint
DataFormat writeKeypointFormat
String writeJson
String writeCocoJson
int writeCocoJsonVariants
int writeCocoJsonVariant
String writeImages
String writeImagesFormat
String writeVideo
double writeVideoFps
bool writeVideoWithAudio
String writeHeatMaps
String writeHeatMapsFormat
String writeVideo3D
String writeVideoAdam
String writeBvh
String udpHost
String udpPort

Detailed Description

WrapperStructOutput: Output ( writing rendered results and/or pose data, etc.) configuration struct.

Definition at line 13 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WrapperStructOutput()

op::WrapperStructOutput::WrapperStructOutput ( const double  verbose = -1,
const String writeKeypoint = "",
const DataFormat  writeKeypointFormat = DataFormat::Xml,
const String writeJson = "",
const String writeCocoJson = "",
const int  writeCocoJsonVariants = 1,
const int  writeCocoJsonVariant = 1,
const String writeImages = "",
const String writeImagesFormat = "png",
const String writeVideo = "",
const double  writeVideoFps = -1.,
const bool  writeVideoWithAudio = false,
const String writeHeatMaps = "",
const String writeHeatMapsFormat = "png",
const String writeVideo3D = "",
const String writeVideoAdam = "",
const String writeBvh = "",
const String udpHost = "",
const String udpPort = "8051" 

Constructor of the struct. It has the recommended and default values we recommend for each element of the struct. Since all the elements of the struct are public, they can also be manually filled.

Member Data Documentation

◆ udpHost

String op::WrapperStructOutput::udpHost

Target server IP address for UDP client-server communication.

Definition at line 138 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ udpPort

String op::WrapperStructOutput::udpPort

Target server IP port for UDP client-server communication.

Definition at line 143 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ verbose

double op::WrapperStructOutput::verbose

Output verbose in the command line. If -1, it will be disabled (default). If it is a positive integer number, it will print on" the command line every `verbose` frames. If number in the range (0,1), it will print the" progress every verbose times the total of frames.

Definition at line 21 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeBvh

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeBvh

Path to save a 3-D joint angle BVH file. Please, use *.bvh format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 133 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeCocoJson

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeCocoJson

Pose (x, y, score) locations saving folder location in JSON COCO validation format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 51 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeCocoJsonVariant

int op::WrapperStructOutput::writeCocoJsonVariant

Experimental option (only makes effect on car JSON generation). It selects the COCO variant for cocoJsonSaver.

Definition at line 64 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeCocoJsonVariants

int op::WrapperStructOutput::writeCocoJsonVariants

It selects the COCO variants for cocoJsonSaver. Add 1 for body, add 2 for foot, 4 for face, and/or 8 for hands. Use 0 to use all the possible candidates. E.g., 7 would mean body+foot+face COCO JSON..

Definition at line 58 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeHeatMaps

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeHeatMaps

Rendered heat maps saving folder. In order to save the heatmaps, WrapperStructPose.heatMapTypes must also be filled. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 106 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeHeatMapsFormat

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeHeatMapsFormat

Heat maps image saving format. Analogous to writeImagesFormat.

Definition at line 112 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeImages

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeImages

Rendered image saving folder. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 70 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeImagesFormat

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeImagesFormat

Rendered image saving folder format. Check your OpenCV version documentation for a list of compatible formats. E.g., png, jpg, etc. If writeImages is empty (default), it makes no effect.

Definition at line 78 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeJson

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeJson

Directory to write OpenPose output in JSON format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled. It includes:

  • people field with body, hand, and face pose keypoints in (x, y, score) format.
  • part_candidates field with body part candidates in (x, y, score) format (if enabled with --part_candidates).

Definition at line 45 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeKeypoint

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeKeypoint

Pose (x, y, score) locations saving folder location. If it is empty (default), it is disabled. Select format with writeKeypointFormat.

Definition at line 28 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeKeypointFormat

DataFormat op::WrapperStructOutput::writeKeypointFormat

Data format to save Pose (x, y, score) locations. Options: DataFormat::Json (default), DataFormat::Xml and DataFormat::Yml (equivalent to DataFormat::Yaml) JSON option only available for OpenCV >= 3.0.

Definition at line 35 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeVideo

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeVideo

Rendered images saving video path. Please, use *.avi format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 85 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeVideo3D

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeVideo3D

Rendered 3D images saving video path. Please, use *.avi format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 119 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeVideoAdam

String op::WrapperStructOutput::writeVideoAdam

Rendered Adam images saving video path. Please, use *.avi format. If it is empty (default), it is disabled.

Definition at line 126 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeVideoFps

double op::WrapperStructOutput::writeVideoFps

Frame rate of the recorded video. By default (-1.), it will try to get the input frames producer frame rate (e.g., input video or webcam frame rate). If the input frames producer does not have a set FPS (e.g., image_dir or webcam if OpenCV not compiled with its support), set this value accordingly (e.g., to the frame rate displayed by the OpenPose GUI).

Definition at line 94 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

◆ writeVideoWithAudio

bool op::WrapperStructOutput::writeVideoWithAudio

Whether to save the output video with audio. The input producer must be a video too.

Definition at line 99 of file wrapperStructOutput.hpp.

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